# Event Time Status
Sunday May 15, 2016
1(Heat 1) First Varsity Eight (2 to Final, 2 to Petite)06:00Official
2(Heat 2) First Varsity Eight 06:10Official
3(Heat 1) Second Varsity Eight (2 to Final, 2 to Petite)06:20Official
4(Heat 2) Second Varsity Eight06:30Official
5(Heat 1) Varsity Four A (2 to Final, 2 to Petite)06:40Official
6 (Heat 2) Varsity Four A06:50Official
7(Heat 1) Varsity Four B (2 to Final, 2 to Petite)07:00Official
8(Heat 2) Varsity Four B07:10Official
9(Heat 1) Third Varsity Eight (2 to Final, 2 to Petite)07:20Official
10(Heat 2) Third Varsity Eight 07:30Official
11(Heat 1) Varsity Four C (2 to Final, 2 to Petite)07:40Official
12(Heat 2) Varsity Four C07:50Official
13First Varsity Eight PETITE FINAL08:00Official
14Second Varsity Eight PETITE FINAL08:10Official
15Varsity Four A PETITE FINAL08:20Official
16First Varsity Eight GRAND FINAL08:50Official
17Second Varsity Eight GRAND FINAL09:00Official
18Varsity Four A GRAND FINAL09:10Official
19Varsity Four B GRAND FINAL09:20Official
20Third Varsity Eight GRAND FINAL09:30Official
21Varsity Four C GRAND FINAL09:40Official
22Varsity Four B/C PETITE FINAL09:50Official
23Third Varsity Eight PETITE FINAL10:00Official